Now more then over 25 years I am working in the area of repairs and customer service of your Vario producers (Bräuninger since 1991, Flytec since 2003 and new, starting 2017 for Naviter). My always adapted repairs and services concepts allows it, that also in future I can give you support in all of your older, or recently, or in future bought devices – even by in between many market changes. I will continue to offer you my best „After Sales Services“ as up till now. Starting Jan. 01, 2017 I am pleased to offer you also my repairs and services for the devices of the company Naviter. This company will then continue to develop and sell in future the Flytec-products. Two modern ESD-configurated workstations allow a professional briskly handling and repair of your orders.These workstations are required today for the micro-processor-controlled-components which lead to a quick handling and repair. I wish and hope that also in future I can be a liable partner for you.